ROBUS Shortlisted for Three NI Electrical Awards

The Northern Ireland Electrical Awards recognise the achievements of top electrical contractors, consultants, suppliers, people and products. This year, ROBUS has been announced as a finalist in three categories:

  • Manufacturer of the Year
  • Lighting Product of the Year for the ROBUS GOLF Modular LED
  • Lighting Project of the Year for the ROBUS LINX installation at the Mater Private Hospital, Dublin

Manufacturer of the Year Finalist 

The Manufacturer of the Year award recognises companies that have achieved impressive levels of commercial success over the past 24 months. Being named a finalist recognises our work in product development; we have over 150 new SKUs in our 2023 catalogue. Over the past ten years, we have received Enterprise Ireland funding for research and development, and we have been first-to-market with a number of innovative designs and technologies. Created with the input of electrical contractors, these new products are energy efficient, easy to install and modular.

ROBUS is continually seeking to provide value for the customer. In 2022, thanks to our enhanced quality control processes, we had a failure rate of less than 1% across our full range. We also had over 98% stock availability and a 99% on-time dispatch rate.

Lighting Product of the Year Finalist

The Lighting Product of the Year award is given to a product that is not only easy to use but also energy efficient, sustainable and commercially successful. ROBUS has been nominated for our ROBUS GOLF Modular LED.

This versatile surface fitting has interchangeable components so it can be customised to meet various lighting needs. For example, users can choose their preferred LED colour via a simple driver switch or add a plug and play module to turn a standard lamp into an emergency one. Highly energy efficient and durable, the GOLF Modular LED aligns with ROBUS’s commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.

Lighting Project of the Year

The Lighting Project of the Year award recognises projects that have taken innovative approaches to meeting client demands while also ensuring energy efficiency. ROBUS has been nominated for the ROBUS LINX retrofit at the Mater Private Hospital, Dublin. The Mater Private needed an unobtrusive solution that would allow it to automate its lighting but also take manual control when necessary. It chose ROBUS LINX, a self-healing, smart lighting control system.

LINX uses motion sensors to activate and deactivate lighting automatically. Photocells adjust light levels throughout the day based on ambient light, which allows for continual energy savings. Staff members can also use the scheduling function to programme specific lighting scenarios for certain times.

It was important for the Mater Private to have concrete proof that LINX was providing energy efficiency. The new system measures how much energy is being consumed and produces an array of analytics that show cost, energy and carbon footprint savings.

The Northern Ireland Electrical Awards will announce its winners on June 2 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Shaws Bridge, Belfast.

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